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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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Privacy Policy

racefan.com.au is committed to ensuring the privacy of personal information provided to it by its customers and other members of the public.

Site Visits
When you visit our site, our Internet Service Provider will collect statistical information on racefan.com.au's behalf about your visit, such as time of visit, visit duration, type of browser used, pages accessed and documents downloaded.

This information is only collected, and will only be used to provide racefan.com.au with statistical information that will not identify you.

Email and On-line Forms

We will only record your e-mail address if you send us a message. Your e-mail address and any personal information in your message will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it. We will not use your e-mail address for any other purpose, and will not disclose it, without your consent.

If you consent by filling out our on-line form with your name and contact details then those details will be recorded and used for the purpose of sending you information about racefan.com.au and the services. If you wish to stop receiving this information, simply send an e-mail to office@racefan.com.au requesting your deletion from our list.

Except as provided above, racefan.com.au will only use your personal information for the purpose of improving its service process and will not disclose your personal information to any third party unless required by law.

This web site only uses session cookies and only during a search query of the web site. Our Internet Service Provider has assured us that no cookies are employed on this web site except for those associated with the search engine. The web site statistics for this site are generated from the web logs as outlined above.

Upon closing your browser the session cookie set by this web site is destroyed and no personal information is maintained which might identify you should you visit our web site at a later date.

Cookies can be either "persistent" or "session" based. Persistent cookies are stored on your computer, contain an expiration date, and may be used to track your browsing behaviour upon return to the issuing web site. Session cookies are short-lived, are used only during a browsing session, and expire when you quit your browser.

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